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Black Diamond Jetforce Pro Pack 10L

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Jetforce Pro is an evolution of their popular Jetforce backpack - and it has been even better. It is an electronic avalanche backpack that makes it easier for you to travel with the backpack and give you an assurance that the system always works. While it keeps the weight down.

The revolutionary JetForce technology allows the case still rechargeable and travel friendly. Avalanche bag makes use of jet-fan technology, which folds the 200 liter spacious airbag out of just over 3 seconds. After 3 minutes, fold the air bag automatically back together so that one 1) can easily pack your backpack together if not buried under snow, or 2) to make room for a potential air pocket if you are buried under the snow. P >

The features that make the backpack unique is its letopladelige battery, battery life that you can reuse the airbag up to 5 times per charge, which means that, among other things can practice with the airbag, and that it can be reused again if you had to get out of even a potential hazard. Last and not least, it is easy to find and pull the big lever to unfold the airbag with both gloves or mittens

The bag has a lower profile system that makes the bag comfortable to wear on your back. With the addition of Bluetooth connection, you can update the software directly via PIEPS app on your smartphone and personalize settings. 10-liter package has a dedicated tool pocket and plenty of storage for extra layers, water and extra gear, plus package is modular, giving you the option to buy a 25-liter, 35-liter and 25-liter. The handle to trigger the bag has status lights and can be switched to either the left or right shoulder, and you can easily adjust the height according to personal preference. The hip belt also has a redesigned benstropsrem, they can be drawn out and has a carbine Clip for quick attachment to the waist belt.

  • Up to 4 actuations of the balloon at one charge li>
  • Up to 30 days of battery life in standby mode li>
  • Base Pack with the possibility of mounting additional boosters on 25/10/35 L li>
  • The trigger can be mounted on both shoulders li>
  • Weight: 2636 g (Base Pack) li>
  • Bluetooth functionality for updating firmware li>
  • 200 L balloon (For comparison, the other air bags typically 150 L) li>
  • Tab continues inflating the balloon (So that it can keep bloated even with minor injuries). Li> Ul>