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SALE Check it here! - We ship for €10 all over Europe the same day. Also on sundays.
SALE Check it here! - We ship for €10 all over Europe the same day. Also on sundays.

Dragon X2S Lynxxx Goggles

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Dragon X2s Lynxxx Goggles 2019 is a stylish goggle in Dragons classy and super cool Split colorway. The glasses have incredibly wide peripheral vision that ensures a crisp view of all contours in the snow to avoid hitting unexpected bumps and jolts regardless of weather conditions. X2s are helmet compatible with all leading ski helmets, so the fit is perfect and you avoid bad fit and comfort, as well as the so-called "goggle gap".
X2s'eren designed with the Dragons popular Swift Lock lens shift system that makes it to change your lens super easy. You need to pull in the two small handles on the side of the glasses and wupti, the lens is changed. Both the supplied lens is optically correct polycarbonate lenses with 100% UV protection and effective anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating to avoid dewy and scratched goggles

Dragon X2s Lynxxx brief, an incredibly sophisticated and agile goggle high quality.
Lumalens is Dragons patented color technology is an integral part of their lenses. It provides ultra-high defination across the whole spectrum of different lighting conditions. Designed to provide optimum visibility in all conditions and environments. It enhances color, contrast and increase depth perception and reduces eye fatigue.
Gold Ion Dragons darkest lens. Good enough shines it as a lump of gold. It closes 10% light in so that it is completely over in the sunshine category and does not lend itself so well to overcast and flat light. It helps to turn down the burner and highlight the contrasts when the snow is so given that everything is just white.
other hand, you're sure to see something on the days where it is quite clear and the sun knocking down. While you look like a million
Amber is a lens for cloudy weather and conditions where light is scarce. It highlights the contrasts, where you normally can not see them. It provides a very natural view when you look through it. The booster clarity and detail in the snow, so you can see more and better.


GenderUnisexNumber of lenses2lens TechnologyLumalensFrame / Frame SizeMediumFeaturesSwift Lock Lens Change System+Helmet Compatible Armored Venting+Specstext 6: Helmet Compatible Armored Venting+100% UV protectionWeather conditionsSunshine / General Purpose / snow