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Line Outline Skis 2020

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Line Outline is a new model created by the brains behind the most revolutionary ski market, Eric Pollard. And the new Outline ski also pushes the boundaries. Skien has Convex Base Technology , which means that the tip and tail has upturned edges. This makes it possible to turn, run, slashe and flat in entirely new ways. Heavily inspired by surf sport Line Outline a groundbreaking freestyle powder skis.

Line Outline ski is a wide twintip ski on 117 mm under foot. Its rocker / camber / rocker profile provides plenty of buoyancy in powder. So you do not have to think about getting the tip of the snow. It happens automatically. This allows you to better concentrate on playing around in the powders.

Skien design will revolutionize the way you run the powder on. Expect no longer to make perfect powder swing straight down the mountain. Imagine instead a ski that will make you look brand new transfers, slash and jump on every hillside.

Selecting binding?

When you buy a ski m. Bond at Black Snow is installation included (normal price: 399 kr). After the purchase of ski and binding, you will be contacted by one of our ski experts, so they can get the information they need to mount bindings on your new skis.

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