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Oakley Canopy Factory Pilot Blackout Prizm Jade Goggles

by Oakley
SKU OO7047-68
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Oakley Canopy is Oakley's original oversized goggles and gives you a huge vision field without compromising fit. The patented O-Flow Arch ensures unrestricted airflow and ease breathing. The discreet frame sits comfortably on your face and let you use regular glasses underneath without losing comfort. While sitting Canopy safely on the face and the protective O Matter frame distributes the pressure from the glasses all over his face.

This model comes with the popular Prizm Jade Iridium lens, which is an all-round lens that gives you a good, sharp vision in all weather and light. Perfect for those who do not want to change lenses, but have one lens that works every day. With effective protection against fogging and scratches. The lens provides 100% UV protection and care for your eyes.
Prizm is an Oakley's patented lens technology. Designed to enhance the color and contrast so you can see more details. Through many years of research have Oakley created a technology that can filter light with respect to the eye's natural sensitive way to perceive colors. Each environment has its own visual requirements. So Prizm lenses are specially designed to highlight the contrasts and colors that are true for just the environment.

Jade Iridium is 13% light transmission, it is an all-round lens. It does best in lighting conditions that are slightly sharper. But can easily be used in several different situations, from bright sunlight to cloudy. Absolutely fine if you just need one lens.