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Oakley Flight Deck XM Matte Black Prizm Black Iridum Goggles

by Oakley
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Oakley Flight Deck XM Matte Black / Black Iridium Prizm is for those who want a super quality combined with great versatility. Oakley Flight Deck XM model is made with the patented HDO technology that makes sure you get a super brightness in the periphery of your field of vision, so you far more help orient yourself and get an overview of the contours of the snowy landscape.

Prizm lens is additionally treated with F3 anti-fog treatment that minimizes any condensation on the inside. Skibrillens O Matter frame ensures that distribute pressure over the entire face and thus protects also against wind and weather. Flight Deck XMS oversize lenses are made to perform in all weather and light, and you would want to change the lens, so it's super fast and easy because of the sub-frame addition. Oakley Flight Deck XM / Prizm Black Iridium is a very good all round goggle that fits well regardless helmet type and provides a wide and good vision in all light conditions.
Prizm is an Oakley's patented lens technology. Designed to enhance the color and contrast so you can see more details. Through many years of research have Oakley created a technology that can filter light with respect to the eye's natural sensitive way to perceive colors. Each environment has its own visual requirements. So Prizm lenses are specially designed to highlight the contrasts and colors that are true for just the environment.

Black Iridium with its 6% light transmission to the days when the sun knocking down and you're sure to come away with a good goggle tan. Does not lend itself so well in situations where there is so much light, such as cloudy weather. Without doubt Oakley wildest lens on the front look.