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Oakley O-Frame 2.0 PRO XL Neon Original Camo Fire & Persimmon Goggles

by Oakley
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Oakley O Frame 2.0 PRO XL is an oversized goggle with an unlimited field of vision. Designed as the successor to the classic O2 goggle and is designed to give you all-day comfort. The glasses sits comfortably on the head with the flexible O Matter frame and soft 3-layer foam on the inside. The motocross inspired strap securely hold the glasses in place. Both with and without helmet. The glasses are compatible with all leading ski helmet on the market.

This model comes with two lenses. Four Iridium (sunshine) and Persimmon (Clear).

These are two classic lenses, so you can always see optimally regardless of weather. Both lenses provide 100% UV protection. With ventilation and F2 anti-fog coating is misted lenses no problem. You can use most prescription eyewear under the O Frame goggles.
Fire Iridium is an all-round lens. It can be used in virtually any environment with ease. So if you are not and will hassle of changing lens, so you can be almost sure that it works for days on the mountain. The shutter 16% light. So you will not be dazzled in bright sunshine. But you are not a compass when the light disappears and becomes flat.
Persimmon closes 61% light entering through. Brilliant for the days where there is so much light to find and you need to be able to see anything. Especially suited to the days where the light is flat and the sun can not take full hold.