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POC VPD System Vest Back Protector

by POC
SKU PC206301002SML1
Color: Uranium Black
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POC Spine VPD System carapace is smooth and strong and gives you the best Back protector available on the market. In addition, Spine VPD system also has built-in ventilation holes, so you have the ability to lose heat while you're out and run - the perfect carapace. Not all superheroes carrying mantle.

The carapace has a particular hexagon geometry which makes the carapace more flexible and comfortable to wear. The advanced ventilation system provides efficient temperature control, which, combined with the flexibility and the wide hip belt provides superior comfort.

The difference between VPD Air VPD 2.0 and System?

Whether you choose VPD Air or VPD 2.0 all depends on what level of protection you need. VPD 2.0 provides more protection than VPD Air, but is also heavier and less flexible than the corresponding VPD Air product. VPD Air is light and ductile, and provides the most basic protection.

VPD Air : Are you going up to have something good protection that is easy, comfortable and flexible and breathable. For those who have always found protection too bulky and prevented your movements, whether it is on MTB or ski.

VPD 2.0: Are you who want the best protection possible. VPD 2.0 has good cushioning properties and meets the European EN1621-1 and -2 standards. The increased ventilation from VPD Air is sacrificed for better protection in VPD 2.0.

System You need the highest form of protection on the market. But at the same time it must be easy and have 100% freedom of movement.

System is the best of Air Series , breathability and flexibility combined with security and protection from 2.0 series.