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Sweet Protection Clockwork Max RIG Matte Black / RIG Emerald Goggles

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Clockwork developed in collaboration with Sweet Protections alpine race team athletes. It's a goggle with a low volume, tight and with a "field of view" unlike some other goggles on the market.

RIG Sweet's Protections contrast-enhancing technology. It is designed to enhance the contrast without the use of high energy light, such as very bright sunlight, while reducing eye fatigue. It allows you to see much more in different lighting conditions, without having to change the lens.

RIG Emerald Located farthest right along with RIG Topaz, as being one of the lenses that make their best round in the range of lenses. It's perfect for those days when the sun is out. But it is also completely fine for those days where it is a bit cloudy. A brilliant all-round lens, if you do not bother to change the lens.

There are some extremely resistant lenses. They can withstand hard knocks and shocks, beyond the usual. They have been shot at with a shaped projectile with 608 km / h without penetrating the lens.

It does not stop there, goggle is of course also equipped with a triple-layer foam, with ventilation. The way the strap is attached to the goggle is also unique as it provides a unique and highly streamlined fit around your helmet.

The lenses are of course RIG. But they are also in layer 2 with Gore Protective Vents, in order to equalize the pressure. This avoids enlargement and distortion of the inner lens. It provides optimum performance for your eyes.

Fits course perfectly with Sweet Protections helmets. Specifically Volata helmet. But other modern helmets on the market.