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Sweet Protection Interstellar BLI RIG Sapphire / RIG Amethyst Light Goggles

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Interstellar is the highlight of Sweet Protections goggle line up. It is a goggle that do not compromise. It has revolutionized the way of thinking goggle at. The lens is toric, so as to be both cylindrical and spherical for good visibility from side to side, and up and down.

It does not stop there. The lens is also shaped so as to avoid glare. Small inroads into the lens shape reduces reflection from the snow.

ExcenterLock Lens Change is Sweet Protections patented lens changing system that makes it incredibly easy to change the lens on the go, whether you are sitting in the lift, just by dropping in, or just change it in the morning before you hit the mountain.

RIG Sweet Protections contrast-enhancing technology. It is designed to enhance the contrast without the use of high energy light, such as very bright sunlight, while reducing eye fatigue. It allows you to see much more in different lighting conditions, without having to change the lens.

RIG Sapphire Is One sunny lens, with features such as an all round. It lies primarily on the sunny side of the scale, as it only closes 12% light. But it can also be used in situations where it is easier cloudy.

Amethyst Light are the days when the sun is covered by a cloud cover and snow is almost without contours. Amethyst Light helps to luck as much of the light entering there is, in the best possible way and highlight the contrasts.

It's a "no-nonsense" goggle with GORE Protective vents, as snubber to prevent the inner lens twists awry. Carbon Fiber reinforced frame and a lens that can cope with being shot with a bullet 605 km / h without penetrating.